Sunday, May 10, 2009

Overdue update

I am sorry I haven't updated sooner! :-( I know that isn't nice, and I appologize!

We left Houston the 28th. We stayed with Friends the weekend after leaving the hospital and then came back on the 27th so we could stick around for a bag of chemo that was less than 20 minutes long! UGh! He also had a bag of antibiotics and was started on 2 more. The dr believed he had C-Diff and wanted to combat it!!! So we got those and left!

When we came back to Houston that monday the weather was crazy and raining! It ended up flooding that night and on Tuesday morning! On the way out of Houston we saw a lot of the flooding, drove through some water and saw a guy get rescued from the water! So weird!

We got home really late but it was SOOO good to be home! While home James held up pretty well, again had the sour mood, and ended up with bad diarhea. He was using the bathroom many times a day! It pretty much wore him out which makes sense!

We FINALLY got into the VA this past Friday. All of his levels wer ok, but his WBC is 28.6. It's high but nothing like last time! I only did the neupogen for about 8 days so that is crazy! At least I didn't keep it up! LOL He is feeling better, but today his ankles are really swollen. If he'd only learn to not overdo it! ;-) So we are headed out to Houston in the morning and then will be there for hopefully only a week then come back home. He is supposed to have blood draw, dr appt then admittance! We'll see on the last! LOL

So that is the long overdue update! :-)

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Ash said...

Well I hope the moods are improved this week and that your hubby can take it a bit easier. You should go out to a movie or do something else that you like so that you can have a little break!