Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well the floor does have a couple, and I mean couple, good nurses! LOL I think we finally got the good ones yesterday! Since I last updated, we talked to the dr on the floor. SHe said they like to switch up the anitbiotics and thus the reason for the pill switch. Thanks for telling us that before! UGH!

So he now takes that. James also has been having the night sweats. He wakes up with a wet shirt and of course that is irritating! He told that to the dr and she suggested sleeping pills so he will be able to sleep through it. Are you serious? Lets see.. sleeping 2-3 hrs drenches a shirt, so he changes it only to drench it. Now you want him to sleep 8 hrs in that 1 shirt and wake up soaked in a pool of sweat? Like the sweating doesn't make him irritable enough, but if he were to wake up in a pool? UGH! Needless to say, that pill is refused, and the pharmasist agreeed! ;-) It's off the list!

He had been tolerating the chemo pretty good until Monday. He started feeling nausea pretty good, so they added another anti-nausea iv that seems to help. He didn't eat much Tuesday, but it really helped overall. He also had the lumbar puncture Monday, and it was FABULOUS! The lady that did it was impressed that I knew how to get him in position, and it helped a ton! He felt the best after it!

On Sunday he was due for a dressing change. He told the morning nurse, who pushed it onto afternoon nurse who pushed it onto night nurse. So when she came in he mentioned it. She looked surprised, so James told her that if she brought in the kit, I could change it. So she did! I did James' dressing at the hospital where we pay people to do it.. Hmmm.... Oh well! At least it's right! ;-)

Then that night after 1 am the nurse comes in with news that he is getting blood! SHe said that since his counts were borderline they decided to give him blood! WTH! His blood was drawn at 5am, so the results should have been in by 8, and they wait until he is sleeping to do the blood? Mind you that means vitals every 15 minutes for the 2 hrs, and they wake him to do them! Poor grouchy fella! ;-)

Overall this time has been frustrating! We should leave the hospital today, then come back Thursday for lab, and dr appt, and lumbar puncture. We wanted to go home then, but it seems that we will have chemo next week (a bag that takes 30 minutes none the less) so we may have to stay until then! I really hope not! These trips aren't cheap! LOL SO that is pretty much the update.

Oh his WBC is 6.6, Hemoglobin 9.2 and platelets are in the 260s! ;-)

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