Saturday, April 18, 2009

Starting cycle 3

Well, we are back in TX now. We got in close to 11 pm on Wednesday night. Thankfully no drunk chicks at the hotel to deal with! ;-)

We had our appts on Thursday morning. First blood draw, then wait around for the bone marrow aspirate. Then off to the hotel for a couple hrs then back for our dr appt, which had us waiting almost 2 hrs for! UGH! All in all, it was good. His blood results had his WBC at 18.1, hemoglobbin at 8.7ish and platelets normal. The dr believes the 5% blasts they saw were from the neupogen, not cancer. SHe also had the preliminary results from the BMA and it had 6% blasts. Again she believes it was the neupogen, not cancer. We should learn more later.

Of course the hospital was full again so we didn't get a bed until Friday. THey called us at around 3:30 pm and said they had a bed. So we got up here around 6 (had to pack and then wait for shuttle) and then wait a bit downstairs before coming up to the 9th floor. UGH! The room was not ready for us like it should be! No blankets or pillows, no water pitcher, no booties, 1or 2 towels, dirty bed table, etc. This floor is not cool!

Then we heard them saying they were going to wait for the next shift to do things. Ummm. it's not 7 yet, so you are still on the clock! DO YOUR JOB! But I digress.....

They drew his blood, and finally at 11 started the mesna, and then the premeds, then the chemo was started at 12:15ish. It lasts 3 hrs. They gave him his night meds. They have on the list Augmiten for antibiotic. He takes Avelox. The only time he had AUgmiten was with that fever in Cycle 1. We aren't needing it and it didn't do anything. So we are waiting for the dr to find out whats up.

Still not liking this floor.. The nurses (except for last nights) seem to not like to be bothered and would rather talk and be noisey outside the room (we are in front of the nurses desk). UGH! SOOOO frustrating. Oh and did I mention they have a "quiet time" on this floor? Yeah... SO maybe we'll be noisey then since they don't know how to shut their yaps! ;-)

Otherwise James is doing good. Starting to get irritable, but that is expected. This is the same stuff as the first round, so BTDT so to speak! I will hope to update later!

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Emmy said...

I hope that the treatment continues goes quickly and easily. And, I hope the hospital experiences get better.