Tuesday, April 7, 2009

UGh! Stupid people and home.

Well the neupogen started last Wednesday. Of course James just loves them! Ha! We then had dr appt on Thursday at 10. We didn't get in until closer to 11, but what do you do? His counts of course were low, (WBC-0.9, platelets in the 130/160 range, etc). His potassium levels were low too so she called in a prescription for those horse pills!

We had to wait until 2pm, as they said that the people that do them are only available during that time. Whatever.. It's a large hospital, I'm sure you have others! So we go back at 2:15 and meet our nurse, Loven... Seriously! He puts the cream on his back to numb it up, and we are to expect the lady soon. Well 10 minutes pass, and Loven came back to tell us that the original lady is unable to make it, so he paged Ms. Darling!

So we wait....and wait...and wait... Finally at 3:20ish I mentioned calling Jan from impatient that normally does the lumbars on James. So he pages her and she says she is on her way! Well when she arrived, so did Ms. Darling! LOL SO James had 2! Jan tried on his back, but took several attempts at repositioning him, hitting a nerve and capillary, etc she was able to get it. His back is not ideal for lumbar punctures! LOL So he laid down at 3:55... now the 1hr wait started.. and we were planning to leave TX too! UGH!

So I went off to medical records to get his paperwork sent to KU med so they can observe him while we are home. The dr wants an oncologist to watch his blood, and so we have to get the local Med hospital/school all that stuff, then we can get a name for a dr, then we can have the PCP hopefully learn how to write a referral so then we can go to the med. Hows that for UGH! So I am still waiting, and will call tomorow to find out what's up!

Well the medical records lady was UGH to say the least! I had to ARGUE to get her to realize that my name was on the list to be seen by her to get the forms released! UGH! IGITS! So finally I got that done and was back with James, and we left at 4:55 and then got our prescription, and left. Stuck in traffic and finally at 7am we got home Friday!

So since that time, James had a bit of back pain, that has sense settled in his neck. It sounds most like a strained muscle, like that you get when you sleep wrong. Of course he can't take traditional muscle relaxers to help, so heating pads it is! No fever, and days 10-14 are highest and Monday started day 10. So far so good! I will call the med center tomorrow to see if they got the paperwork, and if we got a name, so I can go forward and get the PCP to learn how to write a referral. I also need to call the insurance company to see if they learned how to do the last, which I am assuming no since the explanation of benefits came in the mail, and still nada on the dr being covered! UGH!

Plus the neupogen shots are $11,771 a month and that isnt' being covered due to the referral not getting in! UGH! I am tired of imcompetant people! So that's the update. We are celebrating our two year anniversary today (the 7th) so hoping that it's uneventful! ;-)

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Missy said...

It's good that you can celebrate your anniversary at home!