Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nothing really new

Well we got out of the hospital on Tuesday morning. Yesterday was pretty much a get used to being out of hospital day! LOL He had the lumbar puncture on Monday with Jan again. She does GREAT and he requests her whenever he can! ;-)

Nothing really went on while at the hospital. Just the same ole, same ole. Blood work and pills.. Blood work and pills! LOL That is always good for a hospital! ;-)

Tomorrow (Thursday) he has another dr appt with Dr. Thomas, then is scheduled another lumbar puncture with chemo in the afternoon. We are HOPING to get it earlier so we can leave by noon, but we'll see. You just never know! So hopefully sometime Friday morning we will be home! :-) That's about all that is new at this point.

I did call the med center close to us today to see about an oncologist while we are back home. I have a whole list of things I have to get to them before we can see one to monitor him! UGH! Oh well! You do what you have to!

James also starts the Neupogen shots tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be glad about that! ;-) I think that is it! ;-)

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