Friday, December 5, 2008

Wednesday's Appt.

Well, Today was MUCH better! Let me back track for just a second! :-)

On Wednesday we went back to the VA that we had been going to so the TB skin test could be read, the last blood alcohol/drug test, and to talk to the nurse about the day before's irritating appointments and to talk to the shrink to clear him for transplant!

The shrink appt was first. We got in to talk with him and he was nice. He also forwarned us that since James has PTSD that the drugs used for Chemo can cause irritability, anxiety, etc and that we should tell the drs so they can watch for it and us too so we can get it taken care of if it happens. Thanks Dr. S2. He was kind and treated us well!

Then we went to main building to oncology and the nurse appologized for how bad they were. She said she used to work with Dr. Jerkwad and that he can come off strong. She said I need to tell him to answer my questions and to soften up. She said that he will go to bat for you and truly cares, but can come off harsh (that's fine, but seriously.. don't like the dude!).
She also showed us the infusiport that they originally had talked about putting in. She explained it and said they wanted to put it in on Monday. She did all the tests and we discussed things further. She said that they'd work at getting us other places. They said they called TriCare (our insurance currently) and that they would only pay 80% and that would cost us 20% of 250,000!!! Ouch! So we are trying to see about James' new employer's work coverage will cover and then TriCare too. We shall see.

We talked about seeing if we could transfer centers or what. She then said I could come back Friday and talk to Dr. Stone about everything. She said that James didn't have to be with me either. She said just to come by late Friday afternoon. So I went in today to talk and see what Dr. Stone has to say since I trust him and get his opinion! :-)

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