Friday, December 5, 2008

What a great appt!

So now onto today's appt. I thought I'd break it up so it didn't get too long! ;-) I tend to get long winded sometimes, so I appologize in advance! :-)

So I got to the VA today around 2:15. I first went in and talked to the nurse. She said that she was wrong and they no longer want to do the infusiport, and they want to use a Hickman Port. A Hickman port basically looks like a chicken foot, I guess you could say! It has 3 ports that go into one that then gets infused through the chest and into the heart. They now want to do that appt. on Friday, but James doesn't want to. He is afraid that once they put the port in that he will no longer be able to have a choice. I totally understand and support his decision.

Then we went in and talked to Dr. Stone. Did I mention Dr. Stone is wonderful?? He said he completely understood. He said that he suggests I just show up at the one VA and walk around and see what I think. If I want him to that all I have to do is call him and he'll come up and show me around too. He also understand how I didn't like how Dr. Jerkwad treated us.

He said he didn't know why Dr. Jerkwad wouldn't answer my questions. He also agreed that we do have choices and were free to explore them. He also gave us some ideas on treatment too. ;-) I totally liked the ideas and might be going forth that way. James and I need to talk more about it. He explained that with the treatment that each dr might think they are right/best etc and only afterward would we know.

He also agreed that Nashville only sent us to the one because it was close, not that it was the best. Can I again say this was a great appt! ;-) So now we have options and we will work on exhausting those until we run out of time/find the best/etc!

We also were told that if James develops a fever that we need to get to the hospital. If it's really high to go to the closest, if it's not too high but still a fever then we can wait to get to the VA. So that is the latest! I will update when we lock some more things in. Dr. Stone believes that we can wait a bit if we want, although its a good idea to get treatment sooner than later but we are ok! :-) I feel so much better today and hope to continue getting things figured out! Thanks again everyone!

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