Monday, December 22, 2008

New appts

Well nothing really is new lately so I haven't posted anything! Sorry! :-(

On January 2nd he will go in for another blood draw. On January 5th the VA wants him to go to the crappy place and get his cathater put in. We shall see. I need to call some places to see where else we can go!

We did get his work insurance so that will help! Now that we have them and TriCare maybe it will all still be paid for and no out of pocket costs and he can get cared for by nice drs!
We are in the process of moving too, which doesn't help! I've been trying to keep James out of the cold, but with these temps it's kind of hard! LOL Hopefully he doesn't get sick anytime soon!!! That's it for now. Hopefully I'll know more soon!


Wendy said...

You have been in my thoughts. How far are you having to move to? PTL your insurance come through. We don't have any medical insurance. I cannot imagine what we would do in your situation!
Happy New Year~

Wendy (from iVillage, cl-morphius2)
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Katie said...

Thank you Wendy!! We are moving a bit over an hour away so most of the time we are on the road which doesn't help! One hour of loading 2 hrs (roundtrip on the road) and then the unloading, we are practically done with after 1 load! LOL

I hope you never have to be in our shoes! It is a strange road to be on! Happy new year to you too!