Saturday, January 3, 2009

More appt news

On Monday James is scheduled to have his Hickman Catheter put in. That is only if the tube is brought to the VA. They originally (I guess??) wanted us to pick it up from the VA we most often use, only since we moved they said we could do the CBC Blood test at the local VA instead. So we didn't drive the hour to the other and obviously didn't get the tube.

So on Friday I got a phone call from the VA. The lady asked if we had the tube. Of course I explained we didn't and why we didn't (which I didn't know we were supposed to pick it up, Thanks James! LOL). Then I asked her if she knew what the appt. on Tuesday was that the automated message told me. We didn't schedule one with them so I wasn't sure.

She looked it up and said it was with Dr. Jerkwad. UGH! I asked if she knew what it was about and she connected me to another office while she looked into the tube issue. I talked to a lady that was so oblivious to anything! I asked her what the appt was for and she said she didn't know but we were meeting with the dr. I get this, but what for, is there anything going to be done? She said "We're just a clinic, we don't do anything here." UGh! Stupid people. Didn't get anywhere with her.

The first lady called me back and we talked for a bit. The dr that diagnosed us was at our old VA so he is supposed to bring the tube with him on Monday. If she doesn't receive the tube, she will call me. IF I don't hear from here, she left me here number to call her! Nice lady! When I told her what the lady said about the other appt and why I didn't like that dr, she completely understood! She said that she wouldn't either and he should answer me! She also gave me a name of another dr that we might ask for or told us to demand we get to use our original dr istead of this other one! Glad I'm not alone on this!

In other news, I sent a patient referral self form to MD Anderson in Houston, TX. I am hoping they are able to let us go there instead so we don't deal with dr. Jerkwad EVER again! ;-) Also James is now retired from the military! It's a whole new year of lots of changes! I think that is it for now! I will update as I get more information! :-)


Wendy aka CalvaryGirl said...

Woo-hooo! Retirement is good, right? ;) You've been in my thoughts.

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Katie said...

Retirement is different! LOL He was in for 36 years, so I'm sure it will be odd for him once it hits! ;-)