Monday, January 5, 2009

Catheter Day

Well today was Catheter day. I received word around 10:45 that the one VA had received the tube and so the procedure was still scheduled for 1pm. We arrived shortly after 12:30 and went to the floor.

While in the waiting room we talked with several nice couples. On the elevator ride up a patient was there. I asked her how her treatment was and such and see said the nurses are nice but they make a lot of mistakes! Oh my! That right there secured my belief that we should be treated elsewhere!

James went at about 1:30pm to get the IV in before hand. The lady couldn't get the IV in his hand so did it in his right elbow area. She said he was scarred up there?? Whatever! LOL He came back to get me and we went to the next waiting area.

The dr came back and got us and explained the procedure to us. Basically they numb up the area where they are working and then insert the catheter through the vein that runs from your neck to the top of your heart. He explained the possible complications from it, but said "Knock on wood I haven't had that happen and I've done it for a long time." That was reasurring to a degree! ;-)

Then they brought him in to do the procedure which would take about 30 minutes. That was at about 2:05. At about 2:45/2:50 they wheeled him out and brought us to recovery. The ladies there were really nice and talked to us. I was supposed to leave after they got him situated, but the lady let me stay! We had to stay for an hour, then they would let him go.

We let right at 4pm and came home. James is in a bit of discomfort and feels like a freak, but otherwise is good. We were told he could take extra strength tylenol for pain, so he is. He can't get the sites wet, and they gave me more bandages for it. The staff today were really good!
Tomorrow we have an appt with Dr. Jerkwad that our original VA set up. I keep trying to get James to reschedule it until after we hear from MD Anderson this week, but he hasn't yet. Please pray I don't get arrested tomorrow for punching out a dr! ;-) James is ready to put him in his place! I think that is really it at this time! I will update again tomorrow! :-) Thank you everyone for your support! It's much appreciated!


Heather said...

Good Luck Tuesday at the Dr. I hope you can get some answers! Glad things went well Monday! I want to email you. If you get a chance please send me your email address. :) Thanks for the update! I will continue to pray for you and James!

Wendy aka CalvaryGirl said...

Thank you for the update!

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