Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I didn't get arrested! ;-)

Last night was a sort of night of discomfort/ and trying to get used to having something hanging out of James' body! ;-) When we got home he took some Tylenol, but it didn't do anything really for the pain/discomfort. So we found some pain pills that are like Tylenol just stronger and he took them. They help a lot! (He had these about a month ago from a biopsy that was done, so they were his! LOL)

I changed his dressing last night because I could see some of the blood from the procedure, and he was uncomfortable so we thought we'd fix it up. The 3 tubes that pertrude that the nurse had taped to his chest actually had had the main tube bent and I think it was pulling. Once I realsed the tape, he already felt some comfort! Thank goodness! ;-) So I got him all cleaned up and put to bed. That was interesting! It took him quite a bit before he got comfy, but finally was able to sleep after a couple adjustments!

This morning he was just a bit tender but not too bad. So I bagged him up with sandwhich bags for his shower. Then cleaned up the sites again! The lower one had bleed again, but seems to do that whenever the tube is slightly moved. Hopefully that stops soon (although the bleeding is really minimal, we would rather none!). He was feeling good for most of the morning too, and best on the road to the VA for the dreaded appt.

Well, we were running behind, and not minding at all, so got to our 11:20 appt at 11:40! ;-) James gave his vitals and they were great! The nurse and his co-workers all keep saying how he doesn't look sickly at all!! Well 55 minutes later we got called to our room to visit with dr!
Well we were placed in the room across from where the drs hang out (and this room was MUCH better than the last one.). We were hoping to see Dr. S to talk to him and I saw him walk by. He then saw me and waved and shortly came in! It turns out Jerkwad got sick and went home early (Darn it! ;-) ) and so Dr. S was taking his place! WOOHOO!!

So I told him I had done the patient self referral to MD Anderson and was waiting to hear back. He KNOWS how I feel about Jerkwad and completely understands and thinks good things about my plans! LOL He said that if I wanted him to he could call them and try to get things rolling! I said "Please!"! LOL He said that he'd call today and get back to me tonight! I can't wait for that phone call! Needless to say James is ready to start treatment Monday and we're hoping to hear back about MD And. and get him there by then!

Hopefully it all works out! ;-) Dr. S is so understanding and keeps things in good perspective! We couldn't have asked for a better person to talk with! Oh, and while in the appt MD Anderson called. Of course we didn't get the message until we left the hospital since our phones had to be shut off! Blech! We called her back and just waiting to hear. When I hear something I'll be sure to let you all know!

Thanks again for all the support, prayers, thoughts, etc. I really believe they are working for us and will continue to do so! Thanks again! ;-)

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Good news! Yay! That's what we wanted to hear :)

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