Friday, January 16, 2009

Today's Flushings! LOL

Today we went back to the Topeka VA so that Marlene could look over things and get his caps changed. She sent us home with the stuff to flush his catheter with and also with new caps, in case I need to change them again before he gets into treatment. She also looked at both insicion sites, and the one by the neck looks great! The other one is doing as it should, but she is thinking the stutures should be taken out. She will be doing more research and told us to call back Tuesday afternoon and she'll let us know if they stay or go.

James says he feels a lot better now, so that is really good! :-) We also talked to his superior HR person about the insurance. For some reason it's not going through, so they are having high level people work on it and we should have something Monday. I really hope so! :-)
Oh, and we saw Dr. Stone today too. He looked at both spots and thinks they look good. He said that if we need anything else, let him know! We also got the forms we need to fax to MD Anderson so that is good! Now to fax them and send the policy number, and we should be good! ;-)

I think that it all at this time. Thanks again for all the prayers and postive thoughts! I really believe they are helping! :-)

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