Friday, January 9, 2009

Nothing new really

Well since I last posted, James is doing well! :-) He's feeling fairly comfortable, it's just taking some getting used to. Especially the tape to cover the dressing! Poor guy! ;-)
I finally heard back from MD Anderson. I am supposed to call our insurance to make sure they will allow us out of state, and the paperwork will start rolling! I hope it goes through!

Then the VA called too. They were talking about flushing the catheter. I had asked at the time of insertion and they said once we started treatment it'd get flushed. Well our nurse believes it needs flushed daily so she's investigating and will call us back. I should know something soon.

Did I mention the email sent by a lady at the VA? I still don't know who she is which is probably good. Otherwise she'd hear a thing or two from me. She said that I said we were waiting and Jerkwad thinks we need to do the treatment, so we need to. It'd be nice to know who she is if she's gonna be sending stuff like that out! IGITS! ;-)

Otherwise, same old same old, which is good. The bleeding around the catheter has slowed down/stopped now. Not that it was ever gushing, but you know. That is a good thing. i'm not having to change the dressings twice a day which is nice!

I will let you know when I know more. Right now it's limbo!

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