Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Insurance Blech

Well not too much since last report. We went to the VA tonight and got his Catheter flushed. We've got conflicting reports on whether it should be flushed daily or every 48 hours. Still not sure, so we will do one or the other. Hopefully they will just send home the supplies so I can do them for him. The nurse tonight said that he is surprised they didn't already do that. Hmm..

He called the benefits people today. They said the paperwork hasn't been pushed through and they aren't sure why! :-( We should have already had the cards! So he told them we have some medical things going on, so they are supposed to be making it urgent which will still take 48 hours! UGh!

Otherwise things are about the same. He's feeling a bit better, but still weaker than before the diagnosis. This weather isnt' helping, but what do you do in Kansas, right? LOL Thats all for now I think! LOL

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