Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well we finally got a policy number.. Then we find out that we have to pick a PCM and have them refer us to MD! UGH! So frustrating...

So we finally find a dr here in town. James calls them and gets an appointment. Only we have to have our cards! Well, supposedly they were sent on the 16th and we still haven't gotten them! Then we find out that they won't be good as we have to have cards with the PCM to be good! WTH! So the ones we get will be trash.. Thanks!

So we call to have the Insurance people fax information to the drs office. Well the insurance people won't fax confirmation, said to have the drs office call them. Call the drs office to learn that they won't call! UGH!! So finally the drs office lets James talk to billing who called the insurance people and have the information.

So all of that for our appt Wednesday morning at 11am. Let's hope we get the referral. I did fax the information to MD Anderson, so we'll see! This is too UGH!!

As far as how is James doing.. He is great! He is holding up really good (besides frustrations!) and is staying fairly healthy! He and I are both ready to get done with treatment, but we'll hopefully be able to get the ball rolling in the morning! I think that's it for now! :-)

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Ash said...

Ugh. This must be so frustrating for you both!! I hope that things finally end up sorted out and that this whole insurance stuff stops being such a hassle so you can focus on treatment and recovery.