Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Change in plans? Oh my! LOL

Well today was a LONG day! We got to the hospital around 7:15 and found our way to the office. We filled out some paperwork, met with the business lady (to make sure the insurance stuff was good), then waited to have the vitals checked/meet with the nurse.

After talking with Lee (the male nurse! :-) ) we were taken down to the fast track lab. We met a really nice lady, but I didn't catch her name! LOL So James went in and had his blood drawn (15 tubes!!) and I met a really sweet breast cancer survivor and her mom! They were so sweet! From there we went to the bone marrow biopsy lab and got signed in, then brought downstairs to the chest x-ray. (We were told it would be 1.5 hrs wait for the biopsy, so be back in one hr).

So he did the X-ray and got his pic taken for their files, and we went to brunch/late breakfast. We had a good chat then went back to the biopsy lab as the hr was almost up. 2 hrs later, he went in for his biopsy! He was out quickly and the guy was really nice and said James has strong bones! We met a nice couple from Michigan there, and got along well! We are staying at the same hotel and will be exchanging numbers before they leave.

From there we went downstairs and got a drink and relaxed for a few. We then went back to the Leukemia clinic and watched the fish in the tank fight each other while we waited on the dr! (Mind you it was now around 2:15ish and our appt was 4pm, but we thought we would get in early). We finally were seen around 4:30!

We really liked the dr. She is very smart but talks to you so that you understand! She also answered all my questions and more, and we have business cards to contact people if needed! She said that she can't predict what our treatment plan will be until after she gets the results of the biopsy back. We go back on Thursday to discuss what Leukemia he has (finally!!!), what the game plan is, and some more information.

She said that I will get too much information and won't remember it all, but that we'll be discussing it a lot so I'll catch it. She said that the fact his platelets look really good that he *should* recover quickly from the Chemo. Oh did I mention that we were told to be here 3-5 business days, but now he might get admitted on Thursday to start Chemo! Oh my! We're ready to get the show on the road though, so we'll go with it.

We finally left the hospital at 6:15 pm (we stayed a bit later waiting on an antibiotic that she prescribed for him that he'll take after started the chemo to help fight infection). So that was today, and we go back Thursday, so we have tomorrow to chill, maybe! :-)

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