Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's new and a birthday! ;-)

Well since I last updated, it's been frustrating!!

Lets see... I called the next day to see if the referral had been sent, and MD Anderson said they hadn't received it! I then called the drs office and the lady said that there was only one lady that can fax referrals (UGH!) and that she wasn't in the office but could send me to her voicemail, so I did.

Well I left MY name and number and they called James back around 7 pm! WTH! Anyway she said is this for Dr. Anderson? Umm no lady!! It's MD Anderson, the cancer treatment facility!! UGh! She said oh!! I'll send it first thing in the morning!

So I waited until Monday to see what had happened. The lady we've been talking to at MD Anderson wasn't in.. Today James called and spoke with her. She said they received the referral and she has sent it off to the nurses and they will pick a dr! She said we should hear back from them soon!!!

Hopefully we hear back tomorrow and learn our plan of action! Also talked with the original VA. We have an appt on Monday at 9am to get his stitches removed from getting his Hickman Cathater placed! So that is the plan of attack! :-)

James is also celebrating his 57th birthday today! WooHoo! ;-) Hopefully this year is full of good news for him!

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Ash said...

Yes! The referral has finally be sent and you will have a doctor soon- that is SO great!!!

Happy Birthday to James as well, I hope this year brings a lot of positive to both of your lives:)