Monday, February 9, 2009

Today's Appts! :-)

Well today we got to the VA about 10 til 9 (our appt was at 9). Try finding a parking spot at that time! LOL Fianlly he found a spot and we went in.

We saw Marlene shortly and talked to her. She got us more heprin and saline and caps. She also got the kit out and removed the stitches holding the catheter in place while the skin got the cuff of it held in place so it wouldn't slip. It took a minute to remove as some of the stiches had tried to grow into the skin!! After they were removed, James said he immediately felt like pressure was released! Who would have thought?

We talked with her some more and told her our plans for TX. After we left, we got a phone call from Lucresha. She gave me a list of things needed to bring with us, hotel information, etc. So we ate lunch with my dad and went back to the VA. We needed to get the glass slides from the bone marrow biopsy or would have to do it again!

Marlene called and then brought us to Release of information. That lady.. my! She said we couldn't hand carry the slides, although Marlene said we could! I told her to call Marlene, but she insisted she was going to talk to the lab person! WTH! So finally the lab person said we could but then this lady said we shouldn't! So the lab lady came down and talked to us. She was such a sweetheart!!

She said that she was Fed Ex'ing the slides and ALL of the reports they have down there! WooHoo!! She is making sure they will get everything they have! I think that will be great so they will have all of the information and can examine it all before we get there! :-) That should be a good thing!!

So I think that is it for now! :-)

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