Saturday, February 28, 2009

In the hospital

Well yesterday we got a call between 10 and 11 that at 1 we had to go to the other clinic and get the blood. Well we thought the hotel's shuttle ran at 12:30, but the only ones close to one were at 11:30 and 1:30.. So we took the 1:30 one (we called to say we were going to be late, but no one called back!)

So we got there around 2pm. We were there until 3:20 when they brought us back. They did his vitals, and then brought us in for the blood. They started it at 5ish after giving benadryl and tylenol first. At close to 7 we got a call from admissions that we got a bed finally!

So we left at close to 7:30 and came to the main building. We got checked in and sent to our floor. We get here and there was no bed in the room!! So finally we got a bed around 8:15ish. They of course freaked that his catheter wasn't dressed and then took his blood. They also hooked him up with a dressing then with regular fluids.

They had to wait until after midnight before they got the results of the blood tests (as they wanted to make sure his hemoglobbin was up before chemo.) They were only at an 8, so he got 2 units of blood around 2 am. At 5:25 we started the chemo.

James said if not for the tubes he wouldn't even know he was getting treatment! Thank goodness! Please pray that continues! THey showed us his blood work after this am and his hemoglobbin was at 10.3! :-) That is really good (considering!). Still plan on 4ish days in the hospital, so we'll see how that goes! So that's the latest!


Ash said...

I am so happy to read that the process is going well so far. I really really believe that it will continue this way. You two are both such fighters!!! You are both in my thoughts!

Ella said...

Thanks for the update, Katie! Good to hear that the chemo is going okay so far. Hope that continues. Many P&PTs coming your way...