Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yesterday afternoon they continued with some meds. They have ones to help keep blood out of his urine (as it's a side effect), antacids, and an antibiotic as well. He is also on a steroid which raises his blood sugar, so he's had to have blood sugar checks and insulin to combat it. This am they did the finger prick and no insulin, so his numbers must be ok.

He also had his spinal tap done around 1:45 today. The lady drew some spinal fluid which was clear (a good sign she said) and it looks like water!! Then added in the bit of chemo because they are trying to prevent the leukemia from getting to his brain!

Otherwise, not much to report. He has the hiccups which they say is a side effect (and supposedly it's a form of neaseua) so they are supposed to be bringning in some meds to comabt that.

Oh and on a funny note... We found out the floor we're on is the gyno floor! LOL So James is hanging out on a floor of women! ;-)

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Missy said...

Hiccups? I never heard of that as a side effect of chemo, but I hope that's the worst James has.