Saturday, March 21, 2009

Great news!

Well GREAT news!!!!!!!!

We had our appt on Thursday. We had blood work, bone marrow aspirate at 9ish then our dr appt at 2:45!

Well the blood work was easy, and then the aspirate. James said that it hurt the worst that it's ever hurt as she had to go in twice and had to dig! :-( It was sore later too.

So we go back to the hotel and came back at 2, but didn't get seen until later. We got the results of his blood work. WBC- 3.5!! Hemoglobbin 8.7, and platelets in the 200s! This is all with out the neupogen, and on his own! His body is recovering.

She canceled his VFend, Avelox, Augmiten, and I think that was it?? Basically after Friday's final dose of Vancomycin in the morning, he only has 2 pills a day to take! :-)

Oh and the great news??? His total blast count is......4% which means he's in remission!!!!!!!!! Anything under 5% is remission and we are there! The dr was so excited and happy, which makes it better!

We also were able to go home for a few days. She said the Vancomycin is hard on the kidneys, and so are 2 of the chemo drugs for round 2 so she wants to give his kidneys a little break before starting round 2 which I am glad for! ;-) It's nice to be home for a few!

We go back Thursday to start round 2 and will be there for 5 days, pending no issues, then can come home. We need to get an oncologist while home to monitor his blood, as she said he'll need blood and platelets for sure. So I need to find us one of those! LOL

So that's the great news of the day! :-) Keep the prayers coming that he stays in remission and the Leukemia never learns how to come back!!


Ella said...

Congratulations Katie and James! That is just awesome! I'll keep sending my P&PTs your way... but it sounds like he is on the road to recovery!

Ash said...

I am SO happy to read this! You two are in my thoughts :)

Missy said...

This is fantastic news! You must be on cloud nine now. You deserve it!

Michele said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so very happy for you!

Brandie said...

This is amazing news, congratulations! I pray you guys never have to go through this again.