Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back again :-(

Well yesterday.. what a day! We got to the hospital at 7:50 for Fast Trax Labs. They drew his blood and then he went to get his vitals done. Well.. his temperature was 101.5! :-( They said anytime he has a fever he must go to the ER.

So we went downstairs to the ER. We were brought back to the room, and the male nurse told James to pee in the cup and the bathroom was across the hall. He got dressed into the gown and got settled as we met our nurse. She was really nice and got him started on IV fluids.. the whole big bag was to be pumped through in 1 hr! Oh my!!

So he got blood draws for cultures (from the catheter and arm), urintated in the cup, and had a chest X-Ray. We met with Dr. Rice and she prescribed Merram and Vancomyicin for the fever. Later that day we got a different nurse.. And lets just say she wasn't the best. UGh! In the afternoon PA Foth came in and said that James has a touch of pneumonia in his left lung.

They said that James caught it really early, and they should be able to knock it out. They also started 2 pints of blood. PA Foth said that they were watching the cultures for 48 hrs to make sure nothing grows, and that when James doesn't run a fever for 24 hrs we would get discharged.

Mind you during this time a Nurse's Assistant was being a total Butt! She had issues with the staff bathroom (the one we were told to use!) being left open. At one time James went to the Restroom and was going to use the patient one, but the igit from last week went in, so James used the staff one. The lady threw a fit that patients were using it! UGH!

I left for a few hours (from 5:40-8pm to get things from the hotel since we knew we'd be in the hospital for 24-48hrs plus). When I got back the urinal wasn't dumped, and was still on the bed side table (he had been hooked up to pulse-ox monitor (which was on the wall) on one side and the IV on the other so was bed ridden during this time). He also STILL hadn't gotten anything to eat! He buzzed the nurse at 6:30 asking if he was going to eat! She knew she messed up! She finally got the kitchen to bring up a menu. They dropped it off and asked if he knew how to call it out. WHen he said yes, they started to walk out. Mind you the phone was clear across the room!! He asked then how was he supposed to call? THey then put the phone on his bed! It was irritating to me to have all of this happen!

We were still there when 3rd shift came in. Thank goodness! We had a nurse's assistant named Glynn that was AMAZING!!! He was so sweet and went above and beyond what was expected! We finally were brought to our room at 2:15 this morning! UGh! We had some great nurses up here, thank goodness!

This morning James talked with our Patient Care Advocate. He mentioned waht all happened yesterday and last week. She said that we don't have to ever deal with the igit from last week! She said she'd also talk to the nurse manager about the CNA from yesterday.

The Administrator of the Emergency Center came up to talk to us today! We were surprised! She was super nice and thought that what she did was ridiculous!!! She said she would take care of it, and was sorry. We told her how pleased we were with Glynn and she said that she was going to make sure that they recognized him for it! I really hope they do!

So for now we are on the the actual Leukemia floor and have had great care already! We are very happy so far! ;-) James is doing well and hasn't run fever since yesterday morning at 9am, so hopefully we get out tomorrow! Prayers are muchly appreciated at this time!!! Thank you!!!

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