Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No hair! :-(

Well we had our appt yesterday! Good news!! His blood counts were as follows last week: White blood Count (WBC) 0.6, Hemoglobbin 9.0, and Platelets 29. Yesterday it was: WBC 3.1, Hemoglobbin 8.9, and platelets were 161!! Woohoo!!

They also gave us his bone marrow aspirate results. They weren't great, but good! His blasts (the number of leukemia cells) were 85% when we started, and are now at 33%. Dr. Thomas said that it is still early and that the leukemia cells can die off in a matter of days. She would like for him to be in remission after cycle one (remission=less than 5% blasts). If he's not that's ok they will go on to cycle 2 with knowing he's not in remission!

Tomorrow we go back for labs, bone marrow aspirate, and then drs appt. We should find out then what his blasts are now, and where we go from here. We also were able to stop the Neupogen (the shot to increase blood count) and the Augmentin. (We found out the bug he had was actually Staph and that it is resistant to the Augmitten, but the Vancomycin is actually perfect for it!). So we are down a couple things, which is wonderful!!!

James also lost more hair today and was missing patches, so we went to a local barber shop and it is all gone! :-( He looks soooo different! Here is a new picture.


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CalvaryGirl said...

Oh NO! a staph infection on top of all the rest? Praise the LORD y'all caught it early ~whew~ You know some men actually look younger bald. I know my BIL did when he started shaving his hair. He literally took years off his look by doing that. Can you tell a difference?

~*~ Wendy ~*~
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