Friday, March 6, 2009

Pt 1 of 3.

I appologize for taking so long to update! You all can smack me later! ;-) I will try to break this into 2 posts so not to much to read! LOL

So Monday he continued his treatment. He had to get out and walk around. So we did that. Well one of the bags on the IV decided to start beeping, so one nurse tried to silent it.. Well she did something and it drained all power in 30 seconds! So we went back to the room.

For the rest of the day it was about the same. They did start another med that night and he started getting an odd feeling in his stomach! So we talked to the nurse and they started another med to help with that!

That was Monday! On Tuesday they started the Doxi chemo. It looked like red kool-aid! So weird!! They checked his blood numbers. His hemoglobbin was only 8.9 so they gave him another bag of blood that afternoon. They gave him the tylenol and benedryl to help his body accept the blood... Well of course that knocks James out.

So wouldn't you know that's when every dr/nurse decides to make their visits? Every 5-10 min it seemed like a new dr/nurse was in the room wanting vitals check, blood sugar check, hows the tummy, etc. WTH people! Let him sleep!!!!! Finally they all left and he was awake.

Frustrated, but what do you do?? The red kool-aid stuff made him feel odd, but he did really good with it! It went in for 24hrs (actually a bit more, but oh well!). He didn't ever throw up but did have swelling! He looked like he gained like 20 pounds!! UGh!!!

Then Wednesday... At about 5:40am a lady came in to draw blood and she wanted to poke him. He told her no, you have a drs order to get it out of the catheter. She kept trying to fight him on it, but finally shut up. The blood was taken out of the catheter. Come to find out she wanted to leave by 6 so she was taking the other route! UGh!

Finally he was released about 1:30/2 pm ish. This was after Col. and his wife came by. He was doing some lectures in the area at one of the hospitals and came by. He looked over the notes and such and got an idea about what went on (By the way for those that don't know, he's an actual Dr, so he knows what's he's reading! LOL)

So they drove us back to the hotel, where we are still at.

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