Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update... Sorry for taking so long! ;-)

So I am behind here! Oh my! ;-)

James was released from the hospital on Friday afternoon around 1:40. They sent us home with another prescription of an antibiotic and also for an IV one. They sent a home health nurse out later that evening to show how to do the iv. It's basically a ball with a line that you screw into the catheter! Sooooo simple! ;-)

The lady was impressed that I knew what I did! ;-) (There is the IV bottle, ignore James looking so thrilled! LOL) Both antibiotics are for 7 days, then he returns to the other antibiotic on previously (the Avelox). The new antibiotic pill is HUGE!!!! Oh my!!!

I was told Friday morning that I would HAVE to attend another dumb class. Well, thank goodness for the same great nurse, because we ordered the video to the room and "watched" it (ie it was on, I packed up! LOL) and then I did my demo at 10am. I passed and received supplies.. Well they didn't read the invoice right, so I have to go back Tomorrow and ask for more coverderm. Also if anyone has a good way to keep the dressing dry in the shower, please pass it on. We haven't gotten the hang of that yet!

James has been feeling really good. He has some diarrhea, but it's not all the time, and he's getting plenty of fluids in so I'm not worried. We'll learn tomorrow if all is good. He has an appt at 10 for blood, and we meet with the dr at 11:40. I hope to learn his aspirate results!! He has also started loosing his hair! :-( He doesn't seem too upset, just keeps rubbing his head! I told him to stop that as it looks like he just got a hair cut each time! ;-)

I think that is it. We've stayed in the hotel most of the weekend, because we don't need another week in the hospital!! Oh and my sister checked our mail at the house yesterday (well read what dad had checked). We got the first invoice from the first hospital stay and appts.. Before insurance.... almost 21,000!!! OH MY!!! Thank goodness for insurance!!

Thank you to everyone for everything and for your prayers. We couldn't be doing this without you!!


Missy said...

He looks really good in that picture considering all he's been through. I'm glad to hear you had a weekend break from the hospital.

CalvaryGirl said...

Glad to hear he's doing better, PTL!

Happy WW :o)

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