Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend update

On Saturday we went and got his blood drawn. We had to wait around for over 2 hours!!! Finally they came out and gave us the numbers. His platelets were 68, blood count 0.6, and hemoglobbin was 9.1. They said all was good and he didn't need any transfusions! WooHoo!

Then we got back to the hotel and our meds were in!! So we finally got them and put them in the fridge. I started then and have continued to give him shots. He said I'm getting better! ;-)

Over the weekend, he's done really good!! Tomorrow we start the decadron and have a blood draw and drs appt! I also changed out the duaderm (as it was Blech) and put a huge bandaid over it. It should work just as well, so we shall see! ;-) i'm sure MD ANderson won't like it, but they can get over it. If it's supposed to be covered, and they won't give supplies, then we will do it our way! :-)

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