Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still here!

Well we are still in the hospital!! UGH! James was told this am by the drs that they found a bug in his cultures from Tuesday. They said the good thing is that the meds are used for it too, so that is great! No new meds!

The nurse today made me a deal too on those stupid classes. She said if I went to One, then she'd have them come tomorrow to sign me off so I get can the supplies, so I agreed. One class I could tolerate. UGH! That class was the stupidest waste of time I've ever dealt with! We get there and sign in. Then watch a movie from 2003/04 how to clean the catheter, change the caps, and flush the heparin. Mind you they had information on it that is no longer accurate and they also showed EVERY step. For example you have to use 5 swaps of alcohol, and 3 bedadine... Wouldn't you know the video showed you doing ALL of them even when it was the same thing? Igits!

They also didn't know about Hickman Catheters (big surprise there) and then the only thing they wanted to have us try was to flush the heparin through a fake catheter. Ummm.. that's not rocket science! So since the classes are identical that means 2 classes of watching the same dumb video, and then flushing the catheter... Whatever igits. I'm done with it and have my demo at 10am tomorrow! ;-)

James is feeling good, just tired of being in the hospital. I don't blame him!! He also got a med tonight that he shouldn't have, since it's a once a day pill and they gave it to him this am. The nurse acted like I was stupid, but I know what he takes and when. She didn't think he had it this am! UGH!!! At least it's not one that will hurt him, but seriously!! Can't you count??

James also had his first bone marrow aspirate done today. Hopefully we get told the results so we know how well the chemo is attacking the leukemia cells. So that is about it I guess! Nothing really exciting I guess! LOL

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