Friday, March 6, 2009

Pt 3.

So that was Thursday. I forgot to mention we got the prescriptions filled on Wed. WOW! One med was 241 bucks.... after insurance!! It was 2700 before!! YIKES!!!! The others were 5-20 bucks, so not bad but the 241 dollar one almost killed me! LOL Taxes for next year I guess!

Then we went in this Am and got our shot and left. That was it. This weekend we have blood draw tomorrow, and then the Neupogen too if we don't get it tomorrow like we were called today and said it should be here. Sunday another shot, and same Monday. Tuesday another Blood Draw and talk with dr. We also start the Decadron on Tuesday.. I believe..Will have to check the notes! ;-)

That's been about the most of it. James has a film in his mouth that doesn't allow him to fully taste his food. The stomach thing is gone, and that's about it. He is more irritable, so that is to be understood. So that's where we are at!

Oh.. and our Friends from Michigan.. Please defiantely keep them in your prayers. His Cancer is back and has other issues too! They defiantely need them!! Thank you!!

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